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Under Stairs

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Many offices and homes have an under stairs area or other space used for storage. This is useful for the things that are only occasionally needed. The potential downside is that this space is often hard to clean. For one thing the space under the stairs is often cramped, so it is hard to get a vacuum or mop into the area. Other problem is that stored items often mean countless small surfaces and small spaces. These accumulate dust and are hard to clean.

The solutions:

  • Store items in dust proof boxes or plastic containers. It is much easier to clean the outside of a plastic box than it is to dust countless little items, especially paper items.
  • Make sure the storage area is dust proof, so there will be much less dust settling on the stored items.
  • Include something to deter insects.
  • Don’t store anything perishable.
  • Some people use a negative ion generator to keep he air clean. This will attract all the dust to one small space.
  • A filing cabinet can be used to store papers. Cover this with a plastic sheet to keep dust out.
  • Avoid carpets on floors. These are harder to clean than hard flooring.
  • An air filter in the office or home greatly reduces the dust in the air.

Office cleaning Sydney CBD

Regular cleaning greatly reduces dust, so even archival storage will suffer less. Regular cleaning is also beneficial for the healthy and good attitude of employees


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