Office Cleaning Double Bay

Office Cleaning Double Bay

A modern office is very different to the type of office we had prior to the computer revolution. Most of the filing cabinets and archive storage are gone, along with a lot of other things that cluttered up the workspace. And these is actually less cabling because we use Wi-Fi and wireless links for printer. This means both a neater layout for modern offices, and fewer small spaces for accumulation of dust and debris.

Nonetheless a few good habits will help keep thins neat and clean.

  • Use Wi-Fi and wireless printing wherever possible so there are fewer cables
  • Use natural light through windows to save power and create an awake office. UV filters on the window glass are a good idea.
  • Have USB power points installed for charging, so there are fewer chargers. This frees up the PowerPoints.
  • Organize the few computer cables left with tubing, ties or clips. Google for some creative ideas.
  • Wherever possible avoid using filing cabinets by storing old files digitally. This can be done online.
  • Attach baskets and other storage options under desks to keep things out of site.
  • Use an air filter to keep the office air clean and allergen free. These will remove most chemicals.
  • Office plants also keep the air clean.
  • Use coasters under all furniture, especially desks, to reduce scratches on hard floors and indentations on carpets.
  • Use a blue light filter in front of computer screens to reduce blue light, which causes short term eye strain and long term damage.
  • There are many office organizers on novelty storage items available. Find a few that are useful to you.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Arrange for regular office cleaning by professionals. It feels better to arrive at a clean office each morning, and it help staff productivity and morale, as well as making a good impression on potential clientele.


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