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Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Specialists – Tips During Summer

Cleaning will make the office a more pleasant place to work. And it will help a little bit to keep things cooler in the summer heat. We offer Office cleaning Sydney CBD wide. We can rearrange the home and office to help accommodate the hotter weather. Here are a few tips for your office during the summer.

Clean the windows

Make use of the brighter sunlight by having the windows cleaned, inside and out. This will save a little on internal lighting, and having sunlight indoors will create a pleasant atmosphere. If you haven’t done so already have UV / infrared filter film put on the windows to prevent damage to indoor furnishings and reduce indoor heat.

Circulate air

  • Use an Air conditioner if you have one, and perhaps add a fan or two to help circulate the air. Clear space in the rooms so that the air can circulate freely.
  • Put any winter gear in storage – this helps create more space in the office. If you have hard floors then perhaps remove any rugs and put a fan at floor level to circulate air.
  • A dehumidifier will reduce the moisture content of the air, which helps us feel cooler and less sweaty.
    Buy an air filter to keep things clean.

Office desk

  • Clean the computer, especially the exhaust fans and heatsinks. This helps the system run cooler.
  • Have a desk fan to help you stay cool while you work.
  • Beaded chair covers help air circulate behind your back. Much better than sticky vinyl or leather seats.


Sunlight through windows is best, with film to prevent heat. If you do need lights use LED or maybe fluorescent. Incandescent lights will create significant amounts of heat.




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