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Timber Floors

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Timber floors are an old style of decor. But they remain popular because that are extremely long lasting, and because people like the look of natural timber. They can also be re-sanded to restore their natural finish.

Timber also has advantages for cleaning. It is an easy matter to sweep or vacuum a timber floor with a soft brush attachment. And often this is all the cleaning that they need. An occasional damp mop is also a good option.

One often overlooked advantage is how timber floors prevent issues with allergies. Timber will not hold onto pollen, mold or other contaminants. Even dust is easy to remove. This stands in stark contrast to carpets which often retain pollen and grime in the carpet fibers. People with asthma, hay-fever or other allergies will have few, if any issues with timber floors, where they might find their condition aggravated with carpeted rooms.


Carpets can be fine for many places, even when people have allergies, if the rooms are constantly cleaned. This means deep steam cleaning at least twice per year. Steam cleaning removes deep down contaminants in the carpet fiber. This prevents most allergy problems, and also helps prolong the life of the carpet because the deep down grit in the carpet causes were on the carpet fibers.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Have your offices floors kept clean by professional cleaners. Different floor materials require different cleaning techniques, and professional cleaners cater to this. Be healthy and content in a clean environment.


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