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The Benefits of using Steam Mops

Steam mops are a reasonably recent innovation, appearing in the early 21st century. The did not prove as revolutionary as perhaps expected, but they did prove popular, and useful for some cleaning situations.

If you have every cleaned a hard floor by dipping mop into a bucket of lukewarm grey water then you might understand the appeal of a steam mop. The old style mop and bucket seems messy, and we wonder if we are just mopping the dirty water back onto the floor. A steam mop looks a far neater option.

Indeed, the steam mop was designed for ease of use, and for cleaning floors without the use of any chemicals. So it is good for both our health and the environment.

Steam mops rely on the heat of the steam to clean hard surfaces, and to removes the vast majority of bacteria and germs. Steam does this effectively.

The limitation here is that steam is not good for surfaces like timber, because the heat and moisture will cause the wood to buckle and misshape. Some steam mops claim to be safe for timber floors, but given the expense of timber floors it is not worth the risk.


Steam mops are good for tiled floors, and perhaps some other hard floor materials. They work quickly and neatly because you don;t have to constantly dip the end of the mop in a bucket. All you have to worry about is the length of the power cord.

It is a reasonably good option to have a steam mop for cleaning tiled floors in the bathroom and kitchen. They take up minimal space, require no buckets of water, and provide fairly quick and reliable cleaning.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

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