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Cleaning Windows

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An old sitcom joke was that the cleaner didn’t do windows, because they were such troublesome task. But it isn’t too difficult to clean glass if we know the right methods.


Regular Windows

Clean the inside of the windows

  • Choose a moderate weather day for cleaning, or start in the cooler part of the morning. If the windows are hot in the sun then they will tend to streak. It is also a risk to put cold water on a hot window as the sudden temperature change can cause cracks.
  • Sweep or vacuum the glass and the frame to remove dust and dirt. Use a soft brush on the end of the vacuum.
  • If you have a fly-screen on the window, remove or retract it and vacuum it to remove dust. Perhaps wash it outside with some hot soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Spray the glass in the window with glass cleaner. You can make a glass cleaner solution by adding some vinegar and alcohol to some warm water.
  • Wipe the windows down with microfiber cloths. Do this while the glass is still wet, to avoid streaking.
  • Some people like squeegees, the rubber edge on a handle that wipes of water. But this is rather old fashioned. Microfiber cloths are easier and give excellent results.

Aim to clean windows every 3-4 months.

Bathroom Glass

Bathroom glass, especially in the shower recess, tend to accumulate soap scum. Tiles suffer the same issue. This appears as a cloudy, waxy film on the glass or tile walls. Soap scum is difficult to scrub off unless we have the right cleaning materials.

  • Spray the glass with glass cleaner, or a mixture of 1/2 cup peroxide, 1/2 cup alcohol, 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Wipe off after 5 minutes.
  • Alternatively, make a paste of bicarb of soda, vinegar and a little salt. Smear this on the glass and leave for 5 minutes before scrubbing with a soft brush.
  • A damp magic eraser (melamine) ca be used to scrub of soap scum though it takes some effort. Use this for small areas.


Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Have the office cleaned by professionals you will be assured of the best results, and you can spend your time running your business rather than doing the cleaning.

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