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Germ Fighting Techniques

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Of course we are all aware of how everything has changed in the time of Coronavirus. Amid  other things we are more aware than ever of the danger of spreading germs. A year ago only OCD people worm masks in public and used hand sanitizer. Now this is the recommended norm.

We can help this fight against germs in our home and offices by in-cooperating some reliable cleaning techniques.

Use anti-bacterial cleaning supplies: These kill germs that will survive water cleaning, and most detergent. Even laundry detergents have anti-bacteria varieties. Look for anti-bacterial on the label.

Sanitize Frequently touched items: Use anti-bacterial wipes on doorknobs, light switches, handles, computer mouses, TV remotes.

Air Our Rooms: There are airborne viruses, so open window and use air filter or fans to circulate the air. This is especially important if somebody in the room has been sick.

Wash Footwear: These will track all sorts of things into the home. Remove shoes when coming inside, and wash them every few days with detergent.

Clean the Cleaning equipment: Rags and sponges don’t kill germs, they just transfer them form one spot to another. Clean these in boiling water and disinfectant. Throw out anything that shows signs of mould.

UV light: This UV kills a lot of germs, though it takes at least a few minutes. Hanging washing out on a sunny day helps disinfect them. Use a UV light on toothbrushes to kill germs.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

A clean office and home is better at so many levels. we feel better psychologically, and we stay healthier.

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