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How to Get a Clean Air Environment

Office Cleaning Double Bay

The air we breathe will affect our health. Poor air quality will have a negative effect, leading to increased illnesses and aggravation of allergies. We are more aware of this in the time of Covid. But air quality is always an issue.

Older methods of clearing the air, before the inventions of the vacuum cleaner, largely relied on the dusting and disinfection of surface areas. The idea was that if the surfaces were clean there was less dust and gunk in the surrounding air. This is true up to a point. But there are other ways in which pollen and germs get in the air, and we should clear the air of these contaminants as well.

Mouldy walls and floors will quickly lead to poor air quality – the spores of the mould get airborne, and these are very harmful. We can clean walls of mould with bleach followed by white vinegar. Clove oil will kill the spores and prevent the mould returning. But these methods often harm the paint, so we should repaint the area with anti-mould paint.

microfibre cloths are surprisingly effective at removing not only dust but also germs form all hard surfaces. The tiny fibres of the cloth pick up even the tiniest microscopic particles. They can clean fairly well even without disinfectants.

Decontaminating hard surfaces is important. Once again, Covid reminds us of the importance of killing germs. Simply using sanitiser will remove almost all germs and sources of illness form hard surfaces.

The Air itself.

An electrical air cleaner steadily removed most pollen, dust and germs from the surrounding environment. Find an air cleaner with a HEPA filter to get the best results.

Vacuum cleaners will clean carpets, but often they will put some of the pollen and germs from the carpet into the surrounding air. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to help keep the air clean after vacuuming.

Household plants help to soak up many contaminants in the air. They even soak up a fair amount of formaldehyde, the chemical in most paints and new carpets. This can lower allergic reactions, though the plants do take time (a few weeks to months) to achieve their results. House plants also help the air smell fresh.

Office Cleaning Double Bay

A clean environment includes clean air. Professional cleaning goes along way to keeping the office and home hygienically clean. An air filter can provide the final step for clean air.

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