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Tiled Office Bathrooms

Office Cleaning Brookvale

Most bathrooms and many kitchens have tiled surfaces. This is because tiles are one of the best options for areas that get wet, or that are prone to spills. They are also easy to clean, as we can mop, sweep, vacuum or steam clean tiles quite quickly. Of course this presumes the tiles are on good repair. Damaged tiled floors (damage on grout or tiles) will be prone to leaking, which leads to damage in floors and walls.

Office Cleaning Brookvale – Tiled Floors

Tiled floors should be swept or vacuumed once or twice per week. This tends to be a fairly quick task, and it removes most dust, dirt and grime. If you vacuum you should use a soft brush attachment.

The tiled floor should be given a wet clean every few weeks. This gets rid of more stubborn dirt and grime, and also disinfects the surfaces.

A tiles floor will accommodate water, as long as there are no cracks in the grout or tiles. Use a bucket of soapy hot water to clean the tiles, but make sure to remove this soapy solution by re-mopping with plain water.

A good, easy option for tiled floors is a steam mop. This requires no detergent; it cleans with the heat of steam. This is even a decent option if the tiles have a crack, as the water use is minimal and should cause no damage. But do fix these cracks as soon a possible.

Soap Scum Floor

Sometimes soap will build up on a tiled floor, from previous cleanings. This is a difficult situation as it leave the floor sticky, and therefore much harder to clean; dust and dirt get stuck to the tiled floor surface.

If we want to remove this soap scum we will need to apply a solution or either dilute vinegar or dilute peroxide with bi carb of soda. Leave this on the tiles for 20 minutes, then scrub the surface with a stiff brush and mop clean with hot water.

Office Cleaning Brookvale – Tiled Walls

Tiled walls can be cleaned with a damp sponge. They will not accumulate as much grime as a floor, but should still be given a quick clean once a week. They should also be given a more thorough clean once a month. Walls can be sprayed with dilute bleach, and then washed down with hot water and a sponge.

Office Cleaning Brookvale

The look of the office reflects the company image. Have our professional cleaners keep the office in pristine condition.

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