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Cleaning Office Blinds

Blinds and Office Cleaning Artarmon

Blinds are useful and can look great. They can block as much outside light as we require, or let as much light through as we need. They also provide privacy. Offices benefit from the heat insulation of the blinds – they make it easier for the air conditioning to keep the temperature stable. And well-chosen blinds can look good.

The downside is that blinds accumulate dust at least as much as any other surface. And some blinds, like Venetian blinds, have horizontal surfaces that will accumulate dust more than vertical surfaces. So blinds can be a little tricky to clean. Unlike a curtain, we cannot simply put them in the washing machine.

Some Methods to Avoid:

Don’t try and soak blinds in a tub. This tends to cause rust problems, or water getting into the mechanism. Obviously, it is not good to soak wooden blinds either. Vinyl or plastic roller blinds might be cleaned this way, but it would be easier to just wipe these surfaces with a damp cloth.
Only vacuum if you have a soft brush or rubber upholstery attachment.
Avoid putting fabric blinds in the washing machine. This causes more wear than expected, so the blinds will only last a few years.

Recommended Blinds Methods Office Cleaning Artarmon

  • Microfibre cloths are very effective for cleaning most hard surfaces, or flexible surfaces like plastic. We can use these for Venetian blinds. The microfibre cloth will remove most germs and contaminants because the fibres are so fine.
  • Some people like to dust the slats of a Venetian blind with a sock over their hand. This helps them clean both sides of the blind at once. Use some warm water and mild detergent to help clean.
  • A vacuum with a soft brush attachment is fine for a casual, once-a-week cleaning of blinds. It gets most of the duct. But we should give a more thorough cleaning about once per month.
  • Avoid water on wooden blinds. Stick with the vacuum and microfibre cloth.
  • Some blind mechanisms benefit from lubrication with silicone spray. Do this once or twice a year.

Office Cleaning Artarmon

Hire professional cleaners to keep your office spick and span. A neat office impresses customers and is good for staff morale.


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