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It is easy to sweep a bare floor or clean any plain flat surface. But cleaning becomes far harder, far more tedious when we have to deal with countless little spaces, nooks and crannies, small knick-knacks that need to be dusted. If we can keep our rooms open and free from small spaces then the cleaning is easier and quicker.

If we reduce the clutter in our homes and offices, and if we can find ways to neatly store possessions, then we will have rooms that feel more open, and are far easier to clean.


  • Use the space under furnishings to store items. There is space under beds, couches and sometimes tables that can be utilized.
  • Store items in dust proof plastic tubs (with lids). It is easier to clean a large tub that to clean all the individual items inside.
  • If you have knick-knacks on display, put them behind glass in cabinets. They will tend to be safer here.
  • Use high spaces in kitchens. Put up high cupboards to store items not needed every day.
  • Hang pots and pan above head height.
  • Store winter clothes and Christmas items in the attic or basement. Keep then i dust proof containers.
  • Put doors or curtains over builtin storage space, to keep dust out and remove the sight of the clutter.
  • Get rid of paper files by scanning them and storing them electronically. Keep several backups of all information.
    Bunk beds take up less floor-space. You can have a desk under the top bunk.
  • Mirrors and bright lighting create a sense of more open space.


Home & Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

A well designed space looks better and is easier to clean. It also tend to be more functional and pleasant to live in.

Have the home and office cleaning looked after by regular cleaning specialists.

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