Always Cleaning, Always Messy

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Have a clean room and having a tidy looking room are two similar, yet different things. We might find that we vacuum and clean thoroughly, but still have a rather untidy looking room. So the problem is not dust or dirt, its just a poorly thought out decor.

So what can we do to make a room look neat?


A dimly lit space will never look bright and clean. The same goes for a room full or shadows. If we improve the lighting then we will make at least some improvement to the look of the room.

Have electric lights that imitates daylight. This give a sunny look to the room. And avoid one bright light in a large room. Instead, have several small lights to spread out the illumination.

Windows that let in sunshine make a room look bigger and brighter.

A mirror can also make a room look bigger and brighter.


A room full of small details will always feel messy. Try to have a more sparse decor. Have one painting or poster per wall, perhaps two for a large wall. Leave as much blank space as possible.

Leave plenty of floor space. Put only one item, like a coffee table or a lounge, in the middle of the floor. Put a few chairs or bookshelves around the walls, but keep it to a minimum.

Keep everything low, below hip height, so there is plenty of space where your arms and face are. You should be able to wave your arms without fear of hitting anything.


Plants are perhaps the exception to the clutter rule. A few plants will make the room feel more livable.

Air Circulation.

A stuffy room makes us feel boxed in. Find a way to clear and circulate the air.

Decor Colour

If the walls are a drab colour then the room feels cramped. It is hard to make drab green and brown look anything other than drab. Have a white ceiling, and either bright colours or tasteful timber trim for an old school feel.

Computer Wires.

Cables look messy. Either run them out of sight or make use of Bluetooth/wireless technology to get rid of as many cables as possible.


Have something lite over the windows. Heavy curtains feel like they take up a lot of space. Translucent curtains are one option, or blinds, or bright curtains without wrinkles.

Office Cleaning Brookvale

Have professional cleaners look after your home or office. We can bring any room up to its potential.


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