Another cleaning tips for office cleaning

Office cleaning tricks let us get most of life’s inconveniences out of the way, so we can get on with something productive, or even enjoyable. Be more productive with Office Cleaning, Sydney based professional companies can look after the cleaning details for you.

• Pen marks on wall and many other hard surfaces can be cleaned off with Hand sanitizer. Really stubborn marks might need WD40, though this can be rather harsh on paint and other finishes.
• If sticky taps leaves sticky residue on scissors or other metal objects it can often be cleaned with vinegar. Other solvents work too, but vinegar won’t cause any rust.
• Permanent marker on a whiteboard can be cleaned off with a dry eraser marker. Write over the permanent maker with the dry erase, wait a minute, and then wipe off.

• Melamine foam is useful for cleaning crayons, grease and pen marks of many hard surfaces. This material was originally made for insulation, but its cleaning properties were so useful it is now marketed for this purpose. Look for ‘magic eraser’.
• Clean in between the keys of a computer keyboard using sticky tape of a post-it-note.
• Broken glass is a nuisance, largely because of all the tiny pieces that are hard to find or pick up. Try using a piece of bread to sponge up all the tiny glass shards.
• Air filters are good, but we may not want to keep running them all day. Put them on a timer for early morning (7am – 9am), so the office air is fresh when you start work.
• Office plants also help keep the office air clean.

• Compressed air is useful for cleaning out small, hard to reach places. You can buy cans of compressed air or small powered devices, rather like a pump.
• De-solv-it is a citrus based cleaning product that is very useful for getting rid of sticky residue.
• Put mats under chairs and desks to stop carpet wear from feet.
• Put baking soda / Bi carbonate of Soda in the base of bins and garbage bags to soak up liquids and reduce odours.
• Clean venetian blinds with two small cloths on a pair of tongs. Wrap the cloths around each end of the tongs so you can simultaneously clean both the top and bottom of the venetian blinds.
• Clean monitor screens with a mixture of distilled water and a little white vinegar. Spray in on the screen and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid other cleaning fluids as these contain ammonia which can be corrosive.

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