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Office Clean

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Some companies try to undertake their own office cleaning. But this is usually a mistake. they underestimate all the time that cleaning takes, and don’t realize how this translates to lost productivity. The time your staff takes to clean the office is time that could be spent on company business, so […]

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Natural Cleaning Supplies

Office Cleaning Brookvale Many traditional cleaning products are quite toxic. They are still used because they are effective, and because they were developed at a time when the toxic effects were unnoticed. Often it takes decades for people to realize the bad effect that their cleaning products are having upon them. But there are modern […]

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Clear The Air

Office Cleaning Double Bay A problem with house cleaning a century ago was getting rid of dust and pollens in the air. People often used a duster to clean household surfaces, but this just stirred up the dust particles which floated around in the air, only to settle again on another surface. People in the […]

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Germ Fighting Techniques

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Of course we are all aware of how everything has changed in the time of Coronavirus. Amid  other things we are more aware than ever of the danger of spreading germs. A year ago only OCD people worm masks in public and used hand sanitizer. Now this is the recommended norm. […]

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Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Do something well takes some skill and knowledge. Many people clean windows, but few do it well. There are tricks and techniques used by professional cleaners that achieve the best results in minimal time. with advancing technology the techniques have changed, and results have improved accordingly. A generation or two ago […]

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End Of Lease

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD It has become more common for people of this generation to live in a rented properties. This has advantages, like not being tied down to the one location. But at some point we move out, and have to leave the premises in immaculate condition. When we first move in we pay […]

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Dust and Mites

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Dust has been a cleaning problem since houses were first built centuries ago. Where dust mites came along is still uncertain, but they are also a problem, especially to those of us with allergies. The pollen that go along with dust are also a problem for allergies. Dust tends to accumulate […]

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Dry Cleaning

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Business suits are not as common today as they were two generations ago, when virtually all males office staff wore them. But these suits, along with the female equivalent, need to be dry cleaned. The fabrics used in this business and formal wear is easily damaged by water. So alternate cleaning […]

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Pro Cleaning Hacks

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Those of us who clean for a living find the best tricks for getting great results in minimal time. Don’t clean the floor first. At least some of the water, dust and other substances from the other cleaning tends to get on the floor, so we should leave this to last. […]

Commercial Cleaning North Sydney It's all to easy to shut the fridge door to hide the mess inside. It looks clean from the outside, because it's all out of sight. But really, it's all too easy to let things accumulate in the fridge. And that's an unhealthy habit. If there are things in the back of the fridge slowly going off, then the fridge is going to be unhygenic. There will be bacteria that will affect anything we put in this space. we don't want this bacteria near the food we eat, so it is essential to keep the fridge clean. We should make fridge cleaning a regular part of our house cleaning. This prevents the issues from accumulating. Fridge Cleaning It is easier to clean the fridge when it is nearly empty. But this is difficult as we need to keep the contents of the fridge cool. On solution is to clean section, perhaps one shelf, at a time. Use natural cleaners like bi carb of soda and vinegar. Never use harsh chemicals as these can contaminate food inthe fridge. Remove shelves from the fridge, if possible. You can clean these outside, or in the shower. Use a stiff bristle brush to clean difficult stains or built up grime. Use an old toothbrush for small areas. There should be a drain hole at the back of the fridge. Clean this ever few week with some bicarb and soda. Use a commercial freshener to keep the fridge smelling pleasent. Or use some cut onions to soak up the smell. try wiping down the interios of the fridge with vanilla essence. Clean our ice from the freezer section if possible. a hairdrier might help soften the ice, or use warm water. Commercial Cleaning North Sydney Life's better in a clean environment. Have the professional cleaners look after your home and office, so you can spend time on the other aspects of your life.

The Fridge

Commercial Cleaning North Sydney It’s all to easy to shut the fridge door to hide the mess inside. It looks clean from the outside, because it’s all out of sight. But really, it’s all too easy to let things accumulate in the fridge. And that’s an unhealthy habit. If there are things in the back […]