Computer Cleaning

We have aps for most things these days. But there are no apps for physically cleaning our computers. We have to have this done manually. Computers accumulate dirt faster than is generally realized.  This is largely because we are in the habit of using them for several hours every day, often while drinking coffee and […]

General Tips

Office Cleaning North Sydney People tend to procrastinate, and only do the things that are urgent rather than important. This tends to mean that we neglect the cleaning. If we can get past this, if we get the cleaning done first, then there is a great sense of satisfaction. Some people like to find a […]

Steam Mops

Office Cleaning North Sydney Most cleaning uses chemicals of some sort, but disinfectants, detergents, sanitizer, bleach and other chemical cleaners can be unhealthy or environmentally harmful. Alternative ways of cleaning are always welcome. Two modern options are microfibre cloths and steam mops. Steam mops appeared on the market in the early 21st century. They soon […]

Microfiber Cloths

Office Cleaning North Sydney The cleaning of kitchens, bathroom and other spaces often entails the use of chemical cleaning agents. In the past some of these cleaning agents were quite harsh. The advent of less harmful cleaners and microfiber cloths means there is much less need for harsh chemicals. Microfiber Cloths The technology behind microfibers […]

Why should you hire office cleaners

Have a clean office gives the impression that you are in control of your circumstances. This is good for mental health. Letting your surroundings go to ruin gives the message, most to yourself and your colleagues, that it is acceptable to be messy and disorganized. This is a slump that is hard to climb out […]


Recarpeting a room is a major décor change. It is the most extreme version of redecorating short of renovation. It changes a room without changing the structural for of the building. Office Cleaning Macquarie Park Having the office redecorated? Perhaps you are just moving your business in. there are a few things, including cleaning, that […]

Overlooked Office Cleaning

Office cleaning Ryde Knobs and Doorknobs. These are touched every day, often be everybody in the office. This will inevitably spread germs. Brass knobs and handles are actually preferable here as the bacteria will not survive more than a few hours on plain brass. Other doorknobs need to be disinfected on a regular basis. Office […]

Commercial Cleaning North Sydney

Commercial Cleaning North Sydney Office kitchens and bathrooms are some of the more obvious sources of odour. Regular cleaning of office facilities removes the most common odour problems. Office bins must be emptied on a very regular basis lest food items cause problems. Other office facilities must also be cleaned, though odour problems are less […]