How to Break Bad Habits

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It is too easy to sweep things under the rug in our efforts to keep a place at least looking clean. But this will quickly catch up with us. The so-called cleaning shortcuts often end up causing more work in the future. So it is best to break the bad habits and find some more effective ways to keep our homes and offices clean.

Letters and Paper Clutter

Even with email and online billing, there will always be some tendency to accumulate a pile of bills and paperwork. We can greatly reduce this potential mountain of paper if we keep it all in a neat plastic tub and sort through everything at least once per week. Take digital scans of receipts and dispose of junk ASAP.

Wet Bathroom Cloth

Shower Curtains and towels that stay damp will quickly go moldy, or at least stay damp and unusable. If we keep the shower curtain open, not bunched up, there will be far less mold, so we don’t have to clean it as often. Hang towels in the Sun to dry, as the Sun’s UV will kill most bacteria and mold.

Too Much Cleaning Fluid

Soap scum from detergent can build up quickly on hard surfaces, causing dirt to stick on. Using fewer cleaning product actually works better, and saves money. Use vinegar and Bi-Carb of Soda to remove any old soap scum.

Dirty Tools

Older sponges end up spreading dirt and germs. Use clean, new sponges and scrubbers for the kitchen, and use the older ones for the toilet. Clean the sponges after each day’s use.

The Accumulating Sink Dishes

We use the excuse that we are letting the dishes soak. But anything more than an hour of soaking is really procrastination. Wash everything before the next meal comes.

Shoes that track in Grit

Many cultures leave the shoes at the door. This greatly reduces the cleaning needed on carpets and hard floors. Make this a house rule. Perhaps have some slippers reserved for indoor use.

Finding Those Cleaning Tools

If we have a set of cleaning products at each site, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in the laundry, then we find it easier to clean up spills and tackle routine cleaning as it happens.

The Things that rot in the Fridge

Almost everybody has a few half-empty containers in the back of the fridge. Prevent this by cleaning out the scraps at the end of the week. There will be far less mold this way.


An unmade bed ruin the look of the whole bedroom. Find bedding like a duvet, that is easy to keep neat.

Read Directions

We treat instruction like the guarantee on software, using the product after we only pretend to read the test. Cleaning instructions are a few lines at best. Read the instructions, and see if the product needs 30 minutes to work properly.


We save a lot of effort if we dust, perhaps with a soft brush on a vacuum, before we clean. Otherwise, the dust gets wet and produces much that is harder to clean.

The mostly Done Task

It is too easy to leave half the ironing till later. Get it all done now, perhaps listening to the music or podcasts. Then reward yourself when it is done.

Office Cleaning Double Bay

Professional cleaners mean the best results. Save your time for business or leisure, and leave the cleaning to the experts.

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