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A problem with house cleaning a century ago was getting rid of dust and pollens in the air. People often used a duster to clean household surfaces, but this just stirred up the dust particles which floated around in the air, only to settle again on another surface. People in the home could not avoid breathing in some of this dust, as well as other containments in the air.

Modern methods of removing dust are superior to older methods. A microfibre cloth will remove dust from almost any surface, dry or wet. And vacuums will also remove almost all dust. Microfibre cloths will also remove germs, pollens and microscopic debris, which make a huge difference; it makes the environment much more hygienic. A vacuum can also remove some of this bacteria and pollen if it has a good HEPA filter. Though regular vacuum cleaners will unfortunately spread some pollens and pollutant in the air.


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We can clean the air in the home and office with a few good practices.

  • Use microfibre cloths on all surfaces, and wash these after wards. The extremely fine fibre of these cloths will remove even the tiniest of particles, including bacteria.
  • Use an air filter a few times per week, perhaps left on overnight, to remove almost all airborne contaminants. Look for an Air filters with a HEPA filter.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will clean surfaces without putting the pollens and pollutant back into the atmosphere.
  • Household plants will soak up and effectively remove many contaminants from the air. They will even remove odours and fine contaminants that other methods leave behind. For example, many plants will remove formaldehyde from fresh paint and new carpet.

We need to continually remove contaminants and dust from the air. But this is especially important when building are new , or recently renovated as paint, varnish and carpet put chemicals in the air.

Office Cleaning Double Bay

Professionals know the tricks to get all homes and office super clean. This is beneficial for our physical and psychological health.

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