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We tend to think that commercial cleaning is more thorough than domestic cleaning. This is possibly the wrong way to understand the situation. It might be more accurate to say that professional cleaning is more thorough than the cleaning we do ourselves. As the professionals do commercial cleaning on a daily basis we tend to conflate the terms. But professional cleaners will do a very thorough job on all types of cleaning, office, industrial, commercial and domestic.

Yet there are some distinction between commercial and domestic cleaning.

A commercial cleaner is hired by a company to clean commercial facilities such as offices, shops, factories, bars, parking spaces, public restrooms, and restaurants. Some will also do specialized cleaning such as medical and research labs. While this includes many of the types of cleaning done in all households it will also go beyond this and include other types of cleaning. This may include:

  • – Disinfecting hard floor surfaces.
  • – Stripping and sealing hard floors, using specialized equipment.
  • – Deep cleaning of carpets in offices.
  • – Dusting desks and office furniture.
  • – Cleaning computers and screens.
  • – Empty waste bins, including recycling.
  • – Cleaning automatic doors.
  • – Clean light switches and door knobs.
  • – Clean glass doors.
  • – Clean elevators.
  • – Clean public restrooms.
  • – Clean air ducts and air conditioning.

There are a few domestic cleaning tasks that rarely have a office equivalent.

  • – Change bed linen
  • – Clean bathtubs.
  • – Clean ovens and kitchen equipment.
  • – Clean TV screens.
  • – Dust the piano.
  • – Clean knick-knacks.

Many tasks, such as window cleaning and general vacuuming, are common to almost all cleaning situations, domestic and commercial.


Office Cleaning Darlinghurst

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