End of the Day At the Office

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Every office worker will have a messy desk from time to time. This is not necessarily a bad thing during the day; creativity can thrive when we are a little bit all over the place. But we really shouldn’t leave the office untidy at the end of the day. Untidiness leaves a bad impression on bosses and clients alike. So we should probably leave the office in a neat state at the end of our shift.

Professional cleaners will look after most of the office space, but our desk are really our own responsibility.

Some responsible Office cleaning advice.

– Clean up before you leave at the end of the day. Leave the desktop neatly arranged, clean the coffee cup and put it away. Everything will look ready to start when you arrive in the morning.

– Organise your papers. This is less of a task in our age of computers, but it helps to give a sense of completion if the papers are neatly filed and easy to access for the next day.

– Clean the computer, online and outside. Have a neat way of organising the computer desktop into logical folders, so you don’t have to search for the files you need. And physically wipe down the computer once per week. Clean any fans and the mouse.

– Clean the fridge at least once per week, preferably in a Friday. It is too easy to leave food in the fridge for too long.

– Put everything in its place. Have a rack for the coat and umbrella, a place for pens …etc. It is okay to be a little bit OCD here.

– Keep some disinfectant wipe and some microfiber cloths on hand. Use these to address spills when they happen. Disinfectant is especially important in this time of Covid.

– Have some office shoes that are only used indoors. This keep the outside grit from getting on the carpet.

Office Cleaning Brookvale

Present the right image to your clients by employing professional office cleaners.


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