General Tips

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  • People tend to procrastinate, and only do the things that are urgent rather than important. This tends to mean that we neglect the cleaning. If we can get past this, if we get the cleaning done first, then there is a great sense of satisfaction.
  • Some people like to find a systematic way to clean their office space, apartment or home. This allows them more time to spend on other interests.

Find ways to do the cleaning efficiently, with clothes drying while you perform other tasks.

  • Try cleaning the higher spaces first and work downward. It is better to dust the ceiling first and then clean the floor, so the dust from the ceiling won’t make the floor dirty.
  • Keep specific cloths and cleaning devices for specific areas. Have a cloth and mop for the bathroom, a cloth for dishes, a special mop of the kitchens, a cleaner for timber floors …etc.

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  • Find environmentally friendly cleaning products. This avoids chemicals that are harsh for the environment and harmful to our personal health. Perhaps occasionally use strong chemicals as a last resort.

Google for alternative cleaning products. Microfiber cloths and steam mops are a start.

  • Never mix commercial cleaning products. Some combination, like chlorine and bleach, are highly dangerous. Natural products, like lemon and bicarb, are usually pretty safe to mix.
  • Citrus cleaners, like De-solve-It, is effective for cleaning grease or sticky. It is natural and safe.

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