Hotel, Office and Rental Cleaning

Hotel, Office and Rental Cleaning

Some offices and hotels maintain a neat appearance, but don’t really look after all the cleaning details. Being neat and being super, hygienically clean are two different, if somewhat related ideas. Some overlooked cleaning details are bad for our health.

Drinking Glasses
Some hotels clean these with Windex. This makes then shiny, but not suitable for drinking. Best to wash these yourself.

Door Knobs and handles
Every person who uses the room touches these, often when the first enter the building. Who knows how many germs these areas carry?
Brass fitting are actually an advantage here because many germs do not survive long on their surface.

Light Switches
Again, these are used by many people and often carry germs. A sanitising wipe will help here.

Remote Controls
These are frequently used, but nobody thinks to clean them.

Tea and coffee services
These may or may not be cleaned along with the dishes. Man coffee mugs are simply rinsed out at the end of the day, and the reused. A lot of them are very unsanitary.

Furniture, tablecloths and bedding
Household will usually clean these often enough. But hotels often do the bare minimum.

Happy enough these are usually cleaned quite well because people understand the need for hygiene. But it doesn’t hurt to be overcautious.

Computer Equipment
It often look neat and modern, but computer fans attract dust and keyboards accumulate finger grime and cookie crumbs.

Carpets should be steam cleaned to remove dust mites and deep down grit. Some businesses do this because they know that it is good for the long term condition of the carpet. Some cheap places are negligent in this matter.

Vents, Air Conditioners and Air ducts
These accumulate dust, and occasionally have insect problems.


Hotel and Office Cleaning Sydney CBD 
It is worth having offices and hotels professionally cleaned. Your staff should be spending their time on company business; they are not cleaning experts and will overlook too many things.
There is a better company attitude when the office is already tidy and ready for work. Professional cleaning, done outside office hours, make sense.



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