Office Cleaning Surry Hills

Few of us really want to clean. Even if there is a satisfying feeling in the end result, most of us only clean because we know it must be done, because an unclean office or home is unacceptable. We would all prefer to find a quicker way to get things done, or at least find out how to avoid mistakes.

Too much cleaning product.

It is a mistake to think that more cleaning product will lead to better results. It is better to use the cleaning product sparingly to clean the general surface. We can then to spot clean any stains, perhaps with a stronger product, or by leaving the cleaning fluid on the stain for a longer period.

Test Patch

We can never be sure of how any material will react to a new cleaning product. We learn a lot be reading instructions, but instructions will never cover every possibility. There is always a chance that a cleaning fluid will react badly and cause damage.

Test clean a small, inconspicuous part of the carpet or furniture with any new cleaning product. If there are no issues, then clean the rest of the material.

Clean the Equipment.

There is a popular life coach anecdote about spending time to sharpen a saw, because a sharp saw will get the job done in less time with less effort. This applies to many areas of life.

Vacuum cleaners need to have the bag emptied as often as possible. They also need the filter cleaned or replaced. This will mean less strain on the motor, and allows the vacuum cleaner to function correctly.

Clean sponges as often as possible. Bleach will clean a sponge, as will vinegar, but rinse it well afterward. Alternately, we can wash the sponge in hot soapy water and then microwave it for two minutes (while still wet).

Use new sponges in the kitchen, and older sponges on the bathroom/toilet floor.

Clean the Corners, Nooks and Crannies.

There will always be areas where grime, germs, and dust mites accumulate. Find a way to deal with these. A small vacuum attachment will clean most small spaces. Sometimes we need a Q-tip or a small brush.

Office Cleaning Surry Hills

Professional cleaners mean the best results. Save your time for business or leisure. Leave the cleaning to the experts.

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