Office Cleaning Artarmon

Every situation is different. No cleaning method worked on all items or in all situations. But there are some general principles that can be applied when we approach cleaning. These are perhaps more useful when looking at something we haven’t cleaned before.

Clean up sooner rather than later – If we leave a liquid on any surface it will tend to stain. If we clean it up straight away we have a much better chance of getting a good result. Solid objects are also better cleaned up sooner, as they have a tendency to spread over a larger area if we leave them for too long.

Mud is an exception. This is best cleaned when dry and simply vacuumed out of the carpet.

Top down approach – Gravity can work with us or against us. If we clean the floor first, and then try to clean the ceiling, we end up with a dirty floor again, because it all fell from the ceiling.

Instead, clean the top first and leave the floor to last.

Start Dry, then go wet – It is best to sweep the floor, or vacuum first. Then we can mop the more difficult grime away. If we mop before we sweep then we end up with the dust turning to mud.

Start with the least harmful approach – There are gentle cleaning methods we use every day. These will never really cause any harm to a surface. Then there are more aggressive techniques that we use sparingly to spot-clean a stain. Stick to this approach.

Let the time do the work – In the cooking shows the chef often has an item that they prepared earlier. And the same shows instruct us to put the slow cooking items on first, and the fast cooking items on last, so they are all ready at about the same time. We should take this approach with cleaning.

If you need to let a cleaning solution soak into a surface, then do this first. Do some other cleaning tasks while you wait for the cleaning solution to work. Then come back and finish the task later on.

Have the supplies on hand – There are two useful approaches here. One is to have the cleaning supplies in the room to be cleaned. We keep the bathroom cleaning tools in the bathroom cupboard. We keep the laundry cleaning supplies in the laundry. And the kitchen cleaning equipment under the kitchen sink. This prevents us from inadvertently using a bathroom cloth in the kitchen and means the equipment is there in case of a spill.

Alternatively, we can have a tub or trolley of cleaning supplies that we carry around with us as we clean.

Most importantly, wear protective gloves and a mask whenever possible.

Office Cleaning Artarmon

Hire professional cleaners to keep your office spick and span. A neat office impresses customers and is good for staff morale.

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