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Laminate floors are a type of facsimile wood. They look good and are fairly long-lasting. And they are easy to clean if we know the right methods. But, as with genuine wood, we should avoid water.

Sweeping with a soft broom is simple and effective for cleaning laminate floors. We can do this once a week.

A vacuum with a soft brush attachment will clean laminate quite quickly. It may be necessary to keep the vacuum itself off the floor, lest it scratches the floor surface. Try putting the vacuum on a rug to separate it from the floor.

Microfibre mops are good for cleaning laminate. These will work even when the mop is dry, and the microfibres even remove bacteria and germs because they clean at a microscopic level.

We can dampen the mop to get a better cleaning. This needs only be done perhaps once a month. Make sure there is as little water as possible, as we do not want water to soak into the cracks in the flooring.

Tiles are the ideal surface for bathrooms and also a good option for kitchens. They are one of the most waterproof flooring materials, so we can wet clean them without issue.

Wet mopping is fine for tiles. We can usually let the tiled floor dry naturally. The downside is that tiles can accumulate soap scum. This is the detergent and cleaning products leaving a sticky residue on the hard surface. We can remove this with a solution of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. If your floors seem to attract dust and grime, if they never seem to clean properly, then you have soap scum.

A steam mop is a good option for tiles. These work with just hot steam; they do not require detergent. They are very effective for removing soap scum.

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Office Cleaning Artarmon.

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