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No office has unlimited storage space. And if we want to keep the office tidy and open then we will have far less storage space than we would like. But modern methods will help here – we can find ways to store our file sad equipment out of sight, and live in a neater company space

  • Scan all documents that are more than a few years old and just keep the digital copy.
  • Store item under couches or under the kitchen furnitue. Buy some plastic tubs that slide into place.
  • Connect all electronic gear by wifi or similar means so there are few cables.
  • Have sliding draws under work desk to hold the computer keyboard.
  • Have spaces set aside for equipment storage at the end of the day.
  • A wooden chest can look stylish and hold a fair few items.
  • Put up shelves on walls to display items. Keep it sparse.
  • Put shelves in the back of cupboards.
  • Plants in the office help keep the atmosphere clean.
  • Use high spaces in the room.
  • There is space under the stairs. Use this. Put a door over the area to keep things out of sight.
  • Put shelves in the kitchen and lunchroom.
  • Use the storage space behind cupboard doors. put rack behing the doors and store anything from spices to cleaning equipment.
  • If there is an attic or basement then store supplies here.
  • Put mirrors on cabinets to create a sense of space.
  • Bright lighting with light or bold colours makes a room feel bigger.
  • Light decors and sparse furniture give the sense of more space. Have open blinds or light curtains rather than heavy drapes.
  • Put doors on storage cabinets, to hide the clutter inside.
  • Purge you possessions. Almost everybody has a few items that they no longer use, and other possessions that they can do without.
  • Have an air cleaner to remove dust and odours.

Cleaning is easier and quicker when there is a lot of open space and flat surfaces.


Why Use Office Cleaning Sydney CBD?

A clean office gives the right impression to the clients. Have us perform the regular cleaning so you can spend your time on running the company.


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