Oven Glass Cleaning

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Office kitchens often had the notice that advised people to clean up after themselves. we usually clean our own home’s facilities but neglect the office kitchen because we don’t consider it ours. Yet we cannot neglect the kitchen. If we prepare food it needs to be in a hygienic environment. So kitchens need to be continually cleaned.

The oven is one area of the kitchen that requires special attention. It may not need to be cleaned every day, but this certainly does not mean we should neglect it entirely. adn it is all the worse because oven heat often bakes grease onto the oven surface, making it difficult to remove.

The outside of the oven often gets a wipedown, so this remains clean. But many people do not clean the inside of the oven until the glass is so dirty that they can longer see inside. If we clean the oven on a regular basis the process is easier.

Oven Interior and glass Doors

While it is possible to buy strong chemical cleaners for ovens these should be avoided. For the sake of the environment and our health we should stick to natural, non-toxic cleaning methods and products.

1 – Mix half a cup of Bi-Carb of Soda with a little water, to make a paste.
2 – Spread the Bi-Carb paste over the glass on the inside of the oven door. Cover every area. We suggest wearing rubber gloves.
3 – Leave for at least 15 minutes.
4 – Wipe the interior glass with a damp rag or cloth. Completely remove all the paste.
5 – Wipe the area dry with a clean cloth to avoid streaking.

Oven Racks – Office Cleaning Double Bay

It is easier to clean racks by first removing them from the oven.

1 – Put the racks in a large plastic container, or in the laundry tub. You might use the bathtub, but put some plastic under the rack to avoid scratching.
2 – Cover the racks with Bicarb of Soda. Then douse them with white vinegar.
3 – Let the foam from the Bi Carn and Vinegar subside, and then cover the racks with hot water.
4 – Let the racks sit in the water overnight.
5 – Use a stiff brush or steel wool to clean the racks. You might use an old toothbrush to clean any tight spaces.
6 – Wipe the racks clean with an old rag or towel, then rinse in cold water. Let them air dry.

Office Cleaning Double Bay

Offices and business premises need constant cleaning. Call the professionals for regular service and the best results.

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