Overlooked Office Cleaning

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Knobs and Doorknobs. These are touched every day, often by everybody in the office. This will inevitably spread germs.

Brass knobs and handles are actually preferable here as the bacteria will not survive more than a few hours on plain brass. Other doorknobs need to be disinfected on a regular basis.

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Switches including Light switches. These are also touched by a lot of hands. How many people use the same kitchen appliances?

Remote controls, computer mouses, keyboards and other electronics are used a lot. It is usually just the same person using the computer each day so there is minimal spreading of germs, but it is best to clean them.

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Oven Hoods help keep the air and surrounding surfaces clean by extracting grease and fumes. But they can accumulate the uncleanliness that they collect. Perhaps they do not need daily cleaning, but periodically they are given a thorough scouring.

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Air filters and fan extractors. Like the oven hoods, these keep the surroundings clean, but all that grime and odour has to go somewhere. These need to be cleaned. If they become too clogged they can become a fire hazard.

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Fridges and freezers can end up preserving germs along with food. And nobody wants germs in the food that they eat.

Sponges and clothes can end up retaining all the germs that they helped clean up. They can be cleaned in boiling water, but it is also best not to keep them too long.


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