Pro Cleaning Hacks

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Those of us who clean for a living find the best tricks for getting great results in minimal time.

  • Don’t clean the floor first. At least some of the water, dust and other substances from the other cleaning tends to get on the floor, so we should leave this to last.
  • Work from top to bottom in the bathroom. This is the same principle as leaving the floor till last – the grime from the top falls downward. So start with the ceiling fans and work to the lowest skirting board.
  • Remember small items like toothbrush holders, soap containers, handles on cupboards, switches.
  • Clean germ hot spots like doorknobs, phones, stair railings, computer keyboards, TV remotes – anything that gets handled by people.
  • Clean the shower-heads. Submerge the head in a bag of vinegar overnight. Perhaps use an old toothbrush to clean the holes.
  • Clear everything off the desk (except perhaps the computer) and decide what needs to be put back, and what can be stored elsewhere. Wipe down and disinfect the desk whilst it is clear.
  • Use microfibre cloths to clean surfaces, from bench-tops to mobile phones. These remove germs and almost everything else. Clean the microfibre cloths in boiling water.
  • Remove pet hair and dander from carpet and furnishings with a rubber glove or a dry sponge.
  • Have a laundry hamper for each room, perhaps a separate hamper for whites. This saves time on collecting laundry and prevents clutter on floors and beds.
  • Clean the washing machine. It will accumulate bacteria and mold; a sour smell is a sign of this problem. some machines have an automatic cleaning cycle. Else, put backing soda in the detergent space and a cup of vinegar in the main tub, then run a normal cycle.
  • Find a way to clean the dishwasher
  • Clean leather by first vacuuming then wiping down with a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Clean marble bench-tops with warm water and a microfibre cloth.
  • Clean the cleaning equipment, lest you just spread the germs around. replace it when necessary.


Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

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