Recarpeting a room is a major décor change. It is the most extreme version of redecorating short of renovation. It changes a room without changing the structural for of the building.

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Having the office redecorated? Perhaps you are just moving your business in. there are a few things, including cleaning, that you will have to arrange.

  • Will you have to remove the furniture before the carpet is laid, or will the carpet installers do this for you? Even if they do move the furniture you will probably  have to empty draws and cabinets.
  • What will you do with the old carpet? Will you reuse it in another room, or will you have it disposed of for a fee.
  • Have the old carpet cleaned. Carpets will put a lot of fibre and dust into the air. Cleaning will minimize this.
  • Have the bare space of the room cleaned, so the new carpet will go on a well prepared surface. This will be your only chance to do this for many years. And check for moisture problems- You don’t want nasty surprise later on.
  • Look at where the seams of the new carpet will go. There will be joins in the carpet. If these line up with the room and doors they will look deliberate and nature. Seams in the middle of a floor look like a design mistake.
  • Find out if the new carpet is thicker than the old. This can cause problems with door having sufficient clearance. Sometimes a millimetre or two must be taken off the bottom of a door.
  • It can be a good idea to put coasters under desks and other furniture to protect the carpet.
  • If you plan to repaint or redecorate the room do this before the new carpet is laid.

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Once the new carpet is installed

  • Consider scotch guarding/ stain proofing the carpet to protect from spills.
  • Carpet will release a certain amount of formaldehyde into the air. Try to let the carpet air out for a weekend before you use the room(s). Open windows and let some fans run for a few day to circulate the air.
  • Have an air filter running for a few weeks after the carpet is installed to clean the formaldehyde and other chemical out of the air.
  • Carpets have fibres that tent to hold dirt. Normal vacuuming will remove most but not all of this. Plan to have the carpet steamed every six month to completely remove the deep down dirt.

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Carpet fibre will wear badly if it is dirty as the dirt is abrasive. Regular cleaning will help the carpet retain its new appearance much longer.

Arrange for regular cleaning so your company can work in the best environment possible.

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