Timber Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood timber floors are popular for many reasons, including their pleasing appearance and durability. They are also easy to clean with some basic techniques.

Dry Sweeping Floors

It is an easy matter to vacuum timber floors with a soft vacuum attachment. This gets rid of all dust and most other matter on the floor. About the only thing to watch out for is dragging the vacuum across the wood, which may cause scratches on the surface.

It is also an easy matter to sweep timber floors. a soft broom will do this quite well. we should sweep or vacuum twice a week.

Microfibre cloth cleaners are great for hard floors like timber. These fine cleaning cloths, either on a mop handle or handheld, will not only remove dust and dirt, they will also remove most bacteria, so the floor will not need decontamination too often.

Remember to clean under rugs and furniture.

Damp Mopping.

Dry cleaning on a bi-weekly basis is fine. But the floor should also by wet cleaned every week or two.

Vacuum or sweep the floor first. This removes dust and dirt that will be otherwise turned to mud by the wet cleaning.

Then clean the floor with a damp mop; microfibre mops are a good option. Do not use too much water on the mop as this is harmful to the timber. Too much water may cause wooden planks to warp and bend.

Use either a commercial cleaning solution designed for timber floors, or add half a cup of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water. Dampen the mop with this cleaning solution and mop the floor. Move the mop in the direction of the wood-grain.

Use can use a dry mop to remove the moisture as you go.

Perhaps put a fan on the floor afterward to help dry the surface.


A great advantage of hardwood is there is not place for dust, pollen or dirt to hide. So the floors won’t cause problems with allergies or asthma. As long as the floor is cleaned the room is virtually allergen free.

Steam Mops

Avoid using steam mops on timber floors. The heat and moisture of these devices may be bad for the wood. Save these steam mops for tiled surfaces.


Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Have the timber floors cleaned correctly on a regular basis and they will last for decades.

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