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    • Experienced staff with wide ranging skills
    • Scheduled weekly, twice weekly or daily cleaning
    • Modern equipment and techniques
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    • 1000+ Satisfied Customers
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    Get a free quote from us to ensure that your premises are cleaned up to your expected standards.


    Services booked Website or Phone

    Services booked Website or Phone

    Derella arranges the suitable cleaning staff

    Derella arranges the suitable cleaning technician

    Enjoy the results of our cleaning methods

    Enjoy the results of our cleaning methods


    Shopping Centres or Offices, Strata Complexes or Medical Facilities, there is a vast range of cleaning different situations out there. Derella is a professional cleaning company that pride themselves on the results they achieve in all types of cleaning situations.

    Need to come to a clean office every morning? A clean Strata complex every evening? We work behind the scenes, so you can enjoy neat clean surroundings.


    At Derella, we understand that everyone desires a clean and tidy environment, but achieving it can be a time-consuming and challenging task. That's why we offer professional-level cleaning services that allow you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life or run your business while we handle the cleaning for you.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We believe in our quality work. Our clients are 100% satisfied, or we return and do it again. Derella Cleaning find the best way to get the best results for you.


    Your situation is unique. Tell us what you need, and we will arrange the right service. We have the knowledge, resources, and flexibility that you need.

    Professional Expertise

    The right training, the right equipment, the right resources. Our staff know about cleaning at a professional level. Your business will be better with our services.

    Flexible Service Options

    Need cleaning outside of business hours? Have specific requirement for your line of work? We adapt to your needs and your schedule. Have everything set up and ready when you arrive. Professional results in every circumstance.



    We are about taking cleaning to the next level, covering what others miss. You won’t find a better cleaner service anywhere. This means a custom designed approach for each business or home.

    Need to impress prospective clients. We monitor all cleaning work and maintain high standards. This assures quality work and personal service.

    • Flexible cleaning tailored to your business requirements.
    • Professional, uncompromising cleaning standards.
    • Guaranteed results from extensive training, experience, and resources.


    Our cleaning covers offices, business premises, apartment buildings and medical facilities, inside and out. This means immaculate cleaning of everything from carpets and desks to air vents and outside windows.
    Professional, flexible and resourceful, our managers insist on the best quality performance from our cleaning staff. You won’t find a cleaning result anywhere.

    • Regular scheduled cleaning on a daily, weekly or part-week basis.
    • All areas, from outside windows and internal offices, maintained.

    Experience the difference with our expert cleaning technicians

    We will give a FREE, no-obligation quote for our services. Don’t hesitate to see what we can do for you.

    No idea where to begin? Let us show you the way

    Hiring a cleaning service means finding the right company for a business relationship. This can be a little intimidating.
    Derella takes the difficulty out of the decision. Hire us, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining the office or commercial premises. Tell us your needs, and we look after the rest.

      Request A Free Quote

      Get a free quote from us to ensure that your premises are cleaned up to your expected standards.


      We believe in keeping up with advances in the industry, and in maintaining the fundamental principles of cleaning, organisation, tidiness, and safety. Our regular blog addresses cleaning areas that might otherwise be overlooked, new techniques that develop as technology advances, as well as reliable methods to deal with regular cleaning issues. The situations change, but we keep abreast of the latest developments.

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