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Cleaning and Productivity

Office Cleaning Double Bay Having a professional cleaning during these days of Covid serves several functions. Most importantly it keeps the environment much safer. A clean office can be disinfected to greatly reduce the risk of contracting any illness. Almost as important is the fact that people feel safe, which maintains morale and productivity. With […]

Office Cleaning Double Bay

Oven Glass Cleaning

Office Cleaning Double Bay Office kitchens often had the notice that advised people to cleanup after themselves. we usually clean our own home’s facilities, but neglect the office kitchen because we don’t consider it ours. Yet we cannot neglect the kitchen. If we prepare food it needs to be in a hygenic environment. So kitchens […]

Office Cleaning Double Bay

How to Get a Clean Air Environment

Office Cleaning Double Bay The air we breathe will affect our health. Poor air quality will have a negative effect, leading to increased illnesses and aggravation of allergies. We are more aware of this in the time of Covid. But air quality is always an issue. Older methods of clearing the air, before the inventions […]

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How to Break Bad Habits

Office Cleaning Double Bay It is too easy to sweep things under the rug in our efforts to keep a place at least looking clean. But this will quickly catch up with us. The so called cleaning shortcuts often end up causing more work in the future. So it is best to break the bad […]

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How Do We Clean Office Windows?

Windows Office Cleaning Brookvale   Windows were always one of the┬átrickiest┬áplaces to clean. And it was all the worse because they was no way to hide mistakes under a rug or behind a painting. Windows need to be transparent, and it is painfully obvious if there is even the slightest streak on their surface. In […]

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End of the Day At the Office

Office Cleaning Brookvale Every office worker will have a messy desk from time to time. This is not necessarily a bad thing during the day; creativity can thrive when we are a little bit all over the place. But we really shouldn’t leave the office untidy at the end of the day. Untidiness leaves a […]

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Always Cleaning, Always Messy

Office Cleaning Brookvale Have a clean room and having a tidy looking room are two similar, yet different things. We might find that we vacuum and clean thoroughly, but still have a rather untidy looking room. So the problem is not dust or dirt, its just a poorly thought out decor. So what can we […]

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What are the Health Benefits of Office Cleaning?

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD A clean work environment certainly looks better. And this helps staff morale, and impresses customers. But we might overlook the fact that a clean office is also healthier. This is something we should never take for granted. Office Cleaning will Help: Reduce the Spread of Germs We don’t see germs, but […]

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Why Do We Need to Get Rid of Dust?

Office Cleaning Brookvale If we clean our own home or office we notice how quickly dust accumulates. It seems to creep back in as soon as we finish dusting. Years ago, before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, dust was more to clean up. Dusting often just put the dust back into the air where […]

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Cleaning Timber Floors

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD Hard floors have some notable advantages. They are easy to sweep or vacuum clean, the don’t hide dust, pollen and allergens like carpet can, and they are quite durable. If the hard floors are timber then they last for decades, and can be re-sanded to look like new. Regular cleaning also […]