Office Cleaning Surry Hills

Professional cleaning service in Surry Hills

Home, business, office, apartments, and condo units vary, and so do cleaning businesses. However, one thing remains the same: people always go for clean places. Derella Cleaning Services is a Sydney-based professional cleaning company. We aim to be the definitive cleaning service for your home or business.

It’s no secret that a clean environment is a better place to live. We are in a better state of mind when living in neat clean surroundings. But who has the time to keep things immaculate in today’s world? Time is money, and even time off is precious. Why spend it cleaning? Leave it to the professionals.

We specialise in:

  • Commercial building cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Home cleaning
  • Business cleaning
  • Strata and apartment cleaning.
  • Office

We understand that Offices and businesses do better with clean premises. Employee attitude is better and customers are impressed by how you look. Our professional cleaning can help your company reach its potential. We can work outside your office hours, accommodating your schedule, so you can return to a clean office each morning.

We look after the cleaning so you can concentrate on taking care of business.

House Cleaning Surry Hills 

We spend more time living in our homes than anywhere else. But nobody really wants to spend that time cleaning. We all live busy lives. We want our time off to be something worth living. Let us keep your house immaculate so you can enjoy living in the best way possible.

Strata and Apartments Cleaning Surry Hills

Apartments are a mixture of private residential space and community space. The private residents might clean their own apartments, but the community space sees a lot of people, who do not clean up after themselves. This requires constant attention from professional cleaners.

We look after the residential apartments and the shared community space of strata and apartment buildings. Live a part of a neat and clean community.

Cleaning Service in Surry Hills

We clean offices, businesses, and homes of all sizes, and customize them to fit your schedule. We won’t disrupt your routine. Our cleaners are trained to be efficient and thorough. You won’t find a better cleaning job elsewhere. Our managers insist on quality assurance and personal service. We supervise and inspect all work, so your office, business, or home cleaning meets our uncompromising standards. Most clients choose us because we are operated by cleaners with great communication skills so there are fewer quality and customer service issues. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures we’ll fix anything ever missed asap. To ensure you get a great clean every time we follow a quality control checklist, we guarantee it or it’s redone.

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