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If you employ a cleaning service you already know the value of a cleaning office. And if you don’t employ a cleaning service you will soon learn just how essential cleaning service is. Maintaining hygiene, promoting good health, keeping up appearances, creating a positive atmosphere, preventing clutter, keeping air vents operational – every office needs these services.


A breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning of sinks, toilets, shower stalls and even just the floor is essential for any home or office. Easily overlooked areas are door handles and taps.

• Dusting and wiping down of surfaces
• Using rubber gloves and strong cleaning agents/disinfectants to clean hard surfaces.
• Clean the toilet, including the rim and seat. There are speciality cleaners, like the toilet duck, for this.
• Clean the shower and bathtub. This requires some abrasive cleaners.
• Mop the floor, an Advantage of tiles is that they can be wet cleaned. Steam mops work well too.


Food preparation areas will get messy quickly. At the same time it is important to keep them clean lest our food becomes contaminated.

• Wiping down of all surfaces to remove dirt, grease, food debris.
• Cleaning of ovens, stoves, fridges, and all other kitchen appliances.
• Sanitizing surfaces. To prevent germs, which are literally a cause of illness.
• Sweeping floors, This is also a safety issue, as a wet, greasy or even unkept floor can cause slipping.
• Check vents and cupboards.


Being occupied by working adults rather than impulsive children the office will not be a messy as the average family home. Nonetheless, dust and accumulating rubbish will always need to be looked after.

• Computers need to be wiped down and sanitized, especially the mouse and keyboard. Any fan on the computer needs to be kept dust free.
• Vacuum floors, as people will constantly track in dirt from outside.
• Sanitise all surface. Germs are always an issue. And as there are a lot of people in the office so it is easy for germs to pass around to all the staff.
• Windows are not something we can expect the office staff to attend to. Professional cleaners will give these the monthly cleaning, allowing the natural light into the office.

Our Derella Office cleaning Surry Hills service knows that maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial for health and safety. It also creates a positive atmosphere that boosts staff enthusiasm, and impresses clients with the look of efficiency. Don’t waste your valuable work hours on the cleaning. Let us look after the cleaning tasks, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Office Cleaning Surry Hills

Professionals get the best cleaning results. Have your office or business premises looked after by us, and start each day in a clean environment.

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